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Part 1 Tasks (Week 4 )
Training Manual
In this assignment you will develop a training manual that will be utilized for training new employees (certified medical administrative assistants [CMAAs]) who join the clinic.
Physicians are hiring more CMAAs to help manage the increasing complexities of patient care and practice management whilealso helping to implement cost-effectiveness and efficiency. The responsibilities of a CMAA can be tailored to the needs of the practice. You will manage front-office functions manage patient flow and handle a wide range of tasks that have been discussed in the past few weeks. CMAAs may convey clinical information on behalf of the physician and follow clinical protocol when speaking with patients but cannot exercise independent medical judgments. CMAAs also help to optimize patient flow enabling the practice physicians to see more patients with efficiency all while following the States scope of practice and working under the supervision of a licensed physician.
Note:Content from Weeks 13 IPs and DBs can be wholly or partially used as necessary to address the specific Key Assignment tasks shown below. You should take into account any instructor feedback from those IPs and DBs.
The project deliverables are as follows:
Training Manual

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