one and a half page with double space.

For this assignment each student in the class will be assigned a role in the Camelot simulation. To ensure that you understand your role and the positions that your role will take during the simulation you must write a character profile. Please refer to pages 174 194 in the Camelot text book for a brief role description of your assigned character. There is also information regarding the setting and list of duties for characters that will assist you.
This paper should consist of a short summary of your characters biography and your characters positions on issues. The issues that will be addressed during the simulation include:
1. Resolution of Sympathy for the family of Officer Murphy
2. Resolution concerning Fairness in Housing & Employment
3. Officer Protection Issue
4. Beauty Salon Zoning Variance Issue
5. Downtown Hotel Plaza Issue
6. Strip Mall Development Issue
7. Smoking Ban issue
8. Home for Unwed Mothers Issue
9. Topless Bar & Grill Issue
10. Massage Parlor Issue
Additionally you should identify your characters allies and potential coalition members as well as potential adversaries in the simulation and discuss your strategy for dealing with these other characters. I expect most papers will be approximatelytwo (2) pages long double spaced. Margins must not exceed one inch and the font must be 11 or 12 point Times New Roman.
This paper is not a research paper accordingly you do not need to complete research outside of the course text books and readings. However your comprehension of information covered to this point in the course should be evident by your analysis of the character their interaction with others and what impact this and other individuals can have on the processes and decision making within the city government of Camelot.
Papers should be submitted via Canvas by the beginning of class on the due date. This will facilitate the originality report.
As a reminder you should include the header for the paper as described in the syllabus. This should include your name student ID number title of the assignment and submission date. In addition papers should be printed double-sided and stapled prior to submission.
The grading rubric is available below.
my role is Role 62: Executive Director Camelot Chamber of Commercce
I will upload the picture to explain them.
The issue related with my role isthe right of home owner issue(also explain in pictures.1)

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