write a five-page (double spaced, 12 point font, standard margins) paper on a topic of physical oceanography (such as those covered in the textbook). Some suggested topics include:

A particular historical event in oceanography
Research at an oceanographic institution, such as NOAA or Scripps Institute of Oceanography
Origin and distribution of any sea floor feature
El Nino/La Nina
The greenhouse effect
Wave/current/tidal power as a source of energy
Marine pollution
Coastal erosion
Medicines from the sea
Economic sea floor deposits
Ocean productivity
Red tides
Coral bleaching or coral reef development
Desalinization of sea water
Find a minimum of 5 sources that relate to any one of the above topics. These articles must be from textbooks, newspapers, journals, or the Internet (see below). Use the information in these articles to write your paper. In your paper, discuss briefly the main issue or concept involved; what ideas, solutions, or input to this topic you have; and how this topic relates to you. If space permits, mention what you found that was particularly interesting.

Papers must be typed and in a format suitable for uploading by computer (not hand-written).

Include a title page with your name, date, paper topic, and word count.

The text of your paper comes next and must be at least 5 pages. Properly quotes sources should be in this format: this is a sample quote (Smith, 2019). However, your paper should not be just a series of quotes; it cannot contain more than 25% quotes.

Include a reference page after that lists a number (1 through 5 or more) and the exact reference for each article: author(s), title, journal name, date, and page numbers. If you have used Internet sources, list the URL address (that begins with “http://”) with the date the Website was last copyrighted/updated (not just when you accessed it).  You may use either APA or MLA format for these references.

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