Submit: Teaching Plan Project Part II – Video Presentation

Students will develop a teaching presentation video Public Service Announcement (PSA) for a target audience of a community.  The video is based on the same health issue from Healthy People 2020 (Links to an external site.) as used in the Teaching Plan Paper and submitted in Module 3.

You should write out a script for the video prior to recording to facilitate a smooth video and associated narration.

Video / video script should contain:

Target a population and/or community stated at the very beginning of the video.
Include a brief introduction to the topic and why the topic is important to learn about.
Incorporate at least three learning objectives in the video stated directly after the introduction to the topic, which addresses the learning needs of the population and/or community.
Utilize at least two teaching strategies.
Utilize at least two instructional materials to support the chosen teaching strategies.
Video must be 2-3 minutes in length.
For an overview of creating a PSA go to GovTech (Links to an external site.).

Video Submission Information and Help:
You may submit the video in any format that youd like as long as your instructor will be able to easily view the video without downloading or installing software.
You may use some of the information below to help you but will not need all of it. You may also find other ways to create your video presentation by searching on Google or YouTube. Be creative, but ensure that your end product is easy for others to access and view.

How to convert a PowerPoint to video (PPT 2016) (Links to an external site.)

Wiki-how about how to create a YouTube video (Links to an external site.)

How to record narration in PowerPoint 2010 (Links to an external site.)

How to create a narrated PowerPoint on a Mac (Links to an external site.)–RRABRg

How to convert a narrated PowerPoint to video (Links to an external site.)

How to convert a PowerPoint to video on a Mac using iMovie (Links to an external site.)

Some ideas are to use graphics, drawings, animation, and photos for examples in the video.  Once the video is filmed and edited to 2-3 minutes in length, upload the video directly into the assignment area of the course.

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