Need to convince the people as good as possible that I am good for the scholarship

Eligible students have to demonstrate outstanding academic excellence and must hold and maintain a Grade Point Average (GPA) between 3.8 and 4.0 (on a scale of 4.0) after completing their first academic year at Webster Vienna;
Extra-curricular activities in relation to the studies (contests, events, meet-ups, etc.) will be evaluated during the selection procedure;
The student must be accepted into the undergraduate program in accordance with the standard admissions requirements of Webster Vienna Private University; and
The Scholarship student must be enrolled full-time. Full-time students complete a minimum of 12 credits per semester.

The Borealis Excellence Award applies to courses successfully completed at the Webster Vienna Private University campus and does not cover online courses on the St. Louis campus;
The student is not allowed to stay out of the program for more than two terms (= 1 semester);
The student must be enrolled full-time, complete a minimum of 12 US credits per semester;
The student may study abroad at another Webster University location for a maximum of two terms (1 semester), but the student must first meet with the academic advisor to ensure that he/she meets the minimum credit requirements and completes the last 36 credits at the Webster Vienna campus in order to qualify for the Austrian-accredited WVPU diploma;
The scholarship is renewable each year and will be reviewed at the end of each semester to determine whether the scholarship recipient has fulfilled the scholarship conditions and achieved the required grade point average (GPA);
If the scholarship recipients cumulative GPA falls below 3.8 the student will go on probation. While on probation the student must complete at least 12 US credit hours of coursework per semester, may not withdraw from any class, and must achieve a session GPA of at least 3.8; and
If the students session GPA is 3.8. or higher again after the probation semester, he or she will be removed from probation. If, however, in any further semester after the probationary semester the students session GPA falls below 3.8, he/she loses the scholarship.
Measurable criteria

The workload of the scholarship candidate (credit hours);
Admission/Enrollment in Websters Scholars Program;
Involvement in the LEADS Leadership Certificate Program; and
Evidence of outstanding term paper(s) or other assignments, participation in research projects.
II. Other relevant criteria

Voluntary work (at previous educational institutions and in any on-campus clubs, organizations, i.e. Student Government Association);
Active participation in on-campus activities;
Work experience (internships etc.);
Evidence of leadership/Evidence of being a pro-active initiator of projects;
Interest/involvement in research activities of (supervisors evaluation on student performance);
Positive learning attitude based on the instructors feedback;
Intellectual development. i.e. the students capability to develop a comprehensive understanding of the topics studied and the ability to apply/transfer learned knowledge, formulate focused questions develop problem-solving strategies (based on the instructors feedback);
Creative and independent thought (Outside the box-thinking);
Ethical sensitivities;
Good character qualities (integrity, responsibility, respect); and
Is the student a Team player? Does the student help classmates and work collaboratively?

a paper that I have written before:
Why should you consider me?

Every year thousands of students strive to obtain the scholarship provided by Vienna. Therefore, the question arises whether me, Mahmoud Elkasabgi, should be taken into consideration as a candidate. There are numerous of reasons why I qualify for a scholarship.

First and foremost, I have always been a very diligent students receiving excellent grades in all of my subjects especially those concerning languages. I am professional in Arabic, English and German. Additionally, I mastered French on a B1 level. Moreover, it was possible for me to improve my social skills by interacting with a variety of different people such as students, parents and teachers while being representative head boy. I also had taken on various tasks by which I was able to acquire management as well as organization skills. Throughout this period, it was necessary to become more flexible.

Furthermore, I was not only focused on my grades but in my leisure time I used to attend my swimming session on a regular basis too. since I was quite ambitious, I won plenty of medals in international competitions while also handling school.

When it comes to my work experience, I gained an abundance of new skills while being employed in an orphanage in Cairo. Some of the tasks included was providing food, planning trips and also rewarding the children for extraordinary performance. Not only did I acquire abilities for my potential future profession, but I also gained new insights with regards to my own privileged situation versus the challenging life of many orphans. I became more grateful for having a supportive loving family.

Another aspect, I want to mention are some of my primary qualities that characterize me. Above all people regard me as incredibly ambitious. In order to reach my goals, I put in a lot of my energy. Secondly a high level of curiosity is it trait that defines me as a person. One cannot have enough knowledge in the time we are living right now. It is vital to know how to retrieve that information, especially on the World-Wide-Web. In this context one should also be careful to not mix up facts and opinions. Last but not least, teamwork has developed to be one of my most special skills within recent years. It is a fact, that you cannot overcome obstacles yourself, but one also needs to rely on his colleagues and friends.

In conclusion, my biggest intention after graduating from Webster University is to return to the Austrian government what they have invested in me so that I could fulfill my dreams. I was born and raised in Vienna and this city has earned a big place in my heart.

I ask you please to write me a perfect paper as I am really in need of that scholarship;

I have worked in a bazar and led the management, as well as many jewelry shops in egypt

I will send you a paper too to reflect my own story that you can use:

My Story Report


In this paper I intend to outline and discuss the peaks and troughs of my last 18 years. Furthermore, this paper will as well contain some elements of my present well-being together with some future plans.


I, Mahmoud, was born on the 29th of April in Vienna as an Austrian citizen. My parents are both Egyptian whilst my mother has some French roots. This matter was the reason why I grew up trilingual with Arabic, German and French, moreover I had to change countries on a regular basis in order not to neglect any culture. Unfortunately, I do not have any siblings due to the fact that my parents especially my father was pretty old. Deducting to this reason, my parents were my best friends which also helped me to speak with elderly easier. The first 13 years of my life were spent for the most part in Egypt as all my relatives and friends were here. However, this did not stop me from visiting Vienna and Nice on a regular basis. A big turning point in my life started when the Arabic spring in 2010 started. The protestants and the military force destroyed many beautiful parts of Egypt and the safety of the country decreased immensely. Not only the educational but also the medical system were harmed by this occurrence massively. It was a difficult time for everyone, and people were recommended by the media to fly away if possible.
This situation was the main reason why Vienna became my new home country with all my friends. The system was completely different but with the help of my flexibility, I could adapt within short days. Every year, I was the class representative. I always had to manage school projects and talk with teachers if necessary. In my senior year I was even elected as the school speaker where my tasks were to connect parents, teachers and students. A solution that can be tolerated by all categories. It cannot be denied that this job was not easy at all as it requires negotiation, leadership and analysis skills, but enjoyed every single second of this experience. Nonetheless, I could follow my exams in school and had an excellent success in my A-Levels with an average of 1,4.


Today, I am a management and marketing student at Webster University Vienna. This has been one of my best choices of my life as I get the desired helpful society I was seeking for. The life in Webster gives me the knowledge I need for opening my own business and at the same time gives me enough free time to see my friends and follow my hobbies. In order to afford Webster financially, I also give private lessons on the Weekends. My main subjects are Math, French, English and German but of course I can help out in other subjects if necessary. What is more, I buy and sell silver jewelry in person and intend now to utilize the World-Wide-Web especially social media platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat. This will hopefully help me to increase sales and facilitate communication.


To the current time I only focus on silver jewelry, but I hope to open my own buy and resale gold and diamond jewelry store. It is a more stable business where profits are much higher. Gold always has been and always will be one of the safest investments. In my desired future, I would be able to make custom made pieces while also design my own sold pieces. In other words, I would love to be the manufacturer and the reseller simultaneously. My business will be more focused on the middle east as this culture is always in need of gold due to several reasons for instance wedding. Gold and culture go in the middle eastern countries hands in hand. On the other hand, European countries are more statistically pleased by high-luxury brand accessories that do not have to be necessarily made out of precious stone.


To sum up, I have always been someone who enjoys leading and advising other people. Jewelries and precious stones are a subject that have always has been one of my biggest interests. Nonetheless, I hope my dreamt future will become reality one

Please make the paper as interesting and as innovative as possible. Thank you very much
The two texts will be uploaded as files too.

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