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The purpose of this results-based leadership assignment is to enable you to apply the various concepts of leadership covered thus far by (a) reflecting upon your own commitment as a student, and (b) formulating your demonstrated leadership style in relation to the results you are getting while at the University of Manitoba. In your response, you are required to use the appropriate literature to support your thinking.

House and Mitchell (1974) suggested that followers (students; you) will be motivated if they/you (a) think they/you are capable of performing their/your work, (b) believe their/your efforts will result in a certain outcome, and (c) believe that the payoff for doing their/your work is worthwhile.

how to proceed


In your paper, please complete the following questions:
Future-focus: What outcome(s) do you envision for yourself at the end of this academic year?
Now-focus: What are the results that you are currently getting as a student at the University of Manitoba and in this class? Are you satisfied with the results you are getting? Do you think you are capable of performing better? Please explain.
What are you currently doing to get the results you are getting? (Do not focus on what you are NOT doing, but rather on what you ARE doing)
What way of thinking is moving you to do what you are currently doing?
In direct relation to your current results, what traits, skills, and/or styles have you adopted either intentionally or unintentionally?
What specific concepts that you learned from either, traits, skills, behavior, Situational Leadership, Adaptive Leadership Theory and/or Path-Goal Theory of Leadership will aid you in improving, enhancing, or changing your approach to being the best student that you can be?
How will the concepts you identified help you be the best student that you can be?
What specific actions will you now need to take to improve on or change your current practices for the sake of achieving what you envision for yourself?
What kind(s) of support will you need?
For the sake of achieving what you envision for yourself, what leadership style(s) and way(s) of thinking would you need to embrace?


No more than 6 pages (double spaced). Times New Roman, Font Size 12. APA7

Cover Page:
Make sure your cover page includes the following:

Name of Course
Title of Assignment
Student Name and #
Submitted to: Name of Instructor
Date Submitted

Alternatively, you may approach this assignment through a creative and arts-based method. This means that your answers do not have to be in an essay format; they can be expressed and represented in any format and through any medium (e.g., your own self-authored poem, free verse, visual art, collage, recorded dance, spoken word, play, …..etc; it is up to you how to express your new knowledge/understanding and how to represent it as well).

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