TWO FULL pages DOUBLE-spaced, 12-point font.
Pick ONE video from EACH category (one big band, one bebop, one cool jazz, etc.) to watch and write a paragraph about. Make it mostly about the music, but you can also comment on some of what you see. One point of this paper is for you to show me you’ve learned how to think and write about jazz in an informed way, so make sure your writing does that. Use your knowledge and vocabulary you’ve gained from the class to describe what you’re hearing and seeing.

In addition to writing about the youtube videos, I’d like you to write about a live-streamed show. Some of these shows are free, and some are ticketed. If you have the means, consider a ticketed event to support live music. For this part, write a couple paragraphs about the music and also about how the musician adapts (or doesn’t) to playing for a webcam. How is it different than the youtube video performances? You should watch at least a half hour, so if it’s shorter than that, watch a couple.

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