multiple ideas

Choose a topic you are interested in that can be explained using one or more of the different ideas that we have covered in the readings.

3,500 words
Use  word format
Use 1.5 spacing
Margins (normal) 1
Use our readings and external sources for research
Do not use a topic you have written on already.

As with your other assignments, below are some possible ideas, but you can be creative – come up with an idea that interests you and that you can explain with the readings.

On Platos ideas of leadership and good governance
On Plato and the importance of community and a social system
On greater administrative efficacy / efficiency
On a clearer understanding of the policy administration dichotomy
On improving labor conditions to avoid Marxs prediction
On Smiths ideas of the market
On taxing robots
On what to do if robots do take our jobs
On dealing with Third World development
On the need for policymakers to study administration
On different decision making theories
On different explanations of power

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