MS6010 M4A1 Discussion – Predicting and Developing a Long-Term Growth Strategy

Assignment 1: DiscussionPredicting and Developing a Long-Term Growth Strategy
To develop a strategic plan as a non accounting manager you need to analyze and link management accounting data and performance information with business strategies. You also need to extend the scope of management accounting beyond the organization. For this perspective you will need to focus on variables that are external to the firm such as variables relating to markets customers and competitors. This external focus will help you develop a sustainable competitive advantage which is the primary element of your long-term growth strategy.
In this assignment you will analyze the factors that affect the long-term growth strategy of a company.
Respond to the following:
Submission Details:
By Saturday March 18 2017 post your response to the Discussion Area. Through Wednesday March 22 2017 read and respond to at least two other classmates’ posts on at least two different days of the week.
Write your initial response in 300500 words. Your response should be thorough and address all components of the discussion question in detail include citations of all sources where needed according to the APA Style and demonstrate accurate spelling grammar and punctuation Do the following when responding to your peers:
Grading Criteria
****** VERY IMPORTANT!!!! Please provide 2 questions with answers relating to the discussion/assignment. Please to make sure this is submitted with the assignment requested. *****

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