Several films studied this semester are structured around multiple characters whose narrative trajectories are dialectically related to each other, through interlocking character traits, linked episodic segments, shared challenges and struggles, etc.  In such films the meaning of the film emerges from the dialectical interrelation of these storylines or episodes, producing dialectical pairings of characters or themes etc.

Consider Fight Club, Slumdog Millionaire Which of the two films you selected displays a more powerful or productive dialectical structure of characters and themes.  Why? 

Thesis should state which of the two films presents a more powerful or productive dialectical relationship between characters and themes, and WHY.

DEFEND YOUR THESIS or MAKE AN ARGUMENT supporting your THESIS. Demonstrate how the characters and themes in the interlinked stories are connected in a dialectical relationshipwhat they are, how they apportion different levels of significance to different episodes and different characters, developing interesting contrasts, dialectical relationships or cultural contradictions.  Provide plenty of specifics from the films, and arguments in associated essays. Demonstrating you understand dialectical relationship in context. A significant factor in your score is detailed engagement with associated essays, avoid general or impressionistic discussions of the chosen films, without careful and developed argument based on specifics and sharply detailed defense of a THESIS that responds directly to TASK (1).

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