Movie in Sociological Lens

Pick a fictional movie or television show (not a documentary) to analyze with a sociological imagination. It may be an animated film, a drama, or based on a true story/biography, or approximately 1.5 – 2 hours of television shows (the same show in a series).

Write a 3-4 page paper analyzing that movie with a sociological lens. Youll briefly summarize the movie, and then, youll address the content of the film in light of the sociological discussion were having in class and in your readings. Pick one broad theme (e.g., race, gender, a specific theory) to apply to the film.  Clearly define that themeciting Conley and discuss that definition.  For example, if youre discussing racism, discuss various sociological aspects of racism; you may also have sub-themes of racism (ethnocentrism, power, etc.).  This focused analysis will give you room to think deeply and analytically about a particular topic. Some questions you might consider in writing your analysis (note: these are only suggestions for prompting your thinking; please do not try to answer ALL of these in your short essaychoose just a few, or maybe only one:

What cultural themes appear in the film? Define and discuss these themes, using Conley to support your analysis. Be sure to cite Conley when paraphrasing or using his words.
Do the characters in the film engage in relationships of inequality? Do they practice racism? Homophobia? Sexism? Ageism? Provide support from the Conley to text to define these terms and show how the examples you chose illustrate these concepts.
How might a particular social theory inform your analysis of this film? Identify the social theory, and cite Conleys text, then show how the film illustrates this theory, using evidence from the film and Conley.
What institutions are at work in this film and how are people in the film conforming to the norms of these institutions? Define institutions, and use support from Conley to show that the examples you chose illustrate these concepts.

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