Module Two Journal


In Module Two, you will submit a paragraph to select and explain your articles and health question. This assignment will be graded using the Journal Rubric.

What topic or health question did you research, and why is it relevant to public health, nursing, or the health science professions? Give real-world examples to support your answer.

How can biostatistics help inform decision making around your topic? Support your answer with specific examples.

Explain why you picked these specific articles to examine over others in the Articles List. Justify your answer.

Assess each articles importance to health decision making in your field. Give real-world examples to illustrate your answer.

Articles are attached in files- you can use these for citations:


Grunfeld, E., Coyle, D., Whelan, T., Clinch, J., Reyno, L., Earle, C. C., & . . . Glossop, R. (2004). Family caregiver burden: Results of a longitudinal study of breast
cancer patients and their principal caregivers. Canadian Medical Association Journal, 170(12), 17951801.


Reblin, M., Donaldson, G., Ellington, L., Mooney, K., Caserta, M., & Lund, D. (2016). Spouse cancer caregivers burden and distress at entry to home hospice: The role of relationship quality. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, 33(5), 666686.

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