Choose one:
Prompt 1) Analyze the ways Gregors metamorphosis (or transformation) affects his experience of alienation. (We get a good deal of information about Gregors life pre-metamorphosis, and you will want to use this information.)
Prompt 2) Analyze the way(s) Gregors experience of alienation (in its various forms) informs the meaning of the novella as a whole. 

Must use at least two, and no more than four, outside sources in your effort to analyze the text. These sources must be written by a professional.

Try to avoid using sources that qualify as explicit literary analyses of The Metamorphosis students often make the mistake of letting these sources drown out their own argument(s) and wind up only summarizing the source instead do not fall into this trap.

Need a 1-page paper proposal:
IIn which you will present your topic/prompt, your thesis, and you will find at least two, and no more than four, credible sources. You will then provide citations for each source, briefly summarize its content, and describe the way(s) it will contribute to your essays argument. 

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