mayo clinic diet

. The paper must conform to APA format and include a minimum of three scholarly references published within the past 6 years. The paper will contain:

1.    Overview and history of the diet
2.    Main features that distinguish the diet
a.    Foods promoted.
b.    Foods avoided.
c.    Macro or Micronutrient considerations
d.    Behavioral philosophy
3.    Research related to the diets philosophy.
a.    Health benefits
b.    Effects on weight
c.    Negative impacts? (if any)
4.    Your opinion of the diet
a.    Support this with your research
5.    Create a 1-day example meal plan (counts as 1 page)
a.    Provide example portion sizes.
b.    Create an interesting menu.
c.    Create variety in the menu.
d.    Three meals and two snacks

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