Marketing Plan for the company Artkive

: This project is designed to give students the experience of applying what
they are learning to a real business, and to give them practice writing the sections of a marketing plan.

Your Marketing Plan document is supposed to:
Have a complete analysis for each heading and section on the next page (15 points);
o Note: There is no need to define marketing terms in your document. The default
assumption is that the reader knows marketing but does not know anything about your
o Anytime you copy and paste a text from a source without giving its author credit, it is
plagiarism. Check out different types of plagiarism here:
o A submitted document with a similarity score percentage above 9.99% will receive zero.
Have all the headings shown on the next page (2 points);
o Note: Adding more subtitles to the sections below, as well as additional titles such as
Conclusion, References, and Appendix, is totally optional.
Be written in a clear, formal, and professional way (2 points);
Not contain I, my, we, and our in the text at all (2 points);
o Note: You are writing from an outside perspective.
Have consistent font style and size from the beginning to the end (5 points):
o Font Style: Calibri
o Font Size: Heading 1 (titles): 14, Heading 2 (subtitles) and the body text size: 12
o Line spacing: either single OR double (NOT triple or quadruple)
o Align text left (NOT justified) with no indentation
o Do NOT leave space between paragraphs or sections.
Have a cover page with the information about the class, semester, your name, and the
instructors name (2 points);
Have a table of contents on a separate page (2 points);
(Check out this link:
Have an Introduction section in at least two paragraphs on a separate page (2 points);
Have page numbers at the bottom right of pages (2 points);
Have at least 12 pages, including a cover page and a table of contents (2 points);
Have a file name format as MRKT303-02-Marketing Plan-# and replace the # sign with your
full name (2 points);
Have a pdf format when submitting your document (2 points);
(Check out this link:
Total: 40 points

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