Marketing Plan Analysis

Analyze the marketing and sales portions of the Aircraft Equipment Maker Business Plan (linked in the Resources). Provide suggestions for improvement based on your analysis.

Note: This sample business plan from the Bplans Web site features a fictitious organization called Stretch ‘r Wings. The Stretch ‘r Wings sales approach is described in Sections 5 and 6 of the plan.

Address the following in your analysis:

Describe the components of the organization’s sales approach.
Assess the effectiveness of the sales plan for a business in this market, with this marketing mix.
Describe whether or not you think there is enough detail in the business plan to effectively communicate the organization’s sales approach.
Assess the management implications of using this sales plan. Explain how this sales plan would affect the implementation of sales strategies in the company.
Suggest additions and changes to the sales plan to make it more comprehensive and to better communicate the sales approach.

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