Marijuana Compare/Contrast

Your essay should be one cohesive paper with accurately documented sources in APA format. You should not number each point, but rather incorporate each seamlessly in your essay.
Marijuana is difficult to categorize because of its multitude of effects. With respect to how marijuana might be regarded as a hallucinogen, compare and contrast the effects of marijuana described in Chapter 15, to the effects of hallucinogens described in Chapter 14.
After engaging in your own independent research, explain in detail three key components of the arguments in favor of, and against, the legalization of marijuana for medical purposes.
Based upon our video and reading content, how do the possible medicinal qualities of hallucinogens compare to those qualities of marijuana? For example, could these drugs be used to treat similar symptoms/conditions? Explain in detail.
It has been argued that the medical justification for drugs like marijuana and hallucinogenic mushrooms is simply a backdoor way of getting these and other drugs approved for recreational use. Looking at marijuana and hallucinogens specifically, do you think this is the case? Why or why not? Justify your response in detail.
After engaging in your own independent research, analyze the impact of legal, recreational marijuana within at least one state that has passed such laws (Colorado, Washington, Oregon, etc.). Based upon the impact such legalization has had in the state you have chosen, would this be a basis for the legalization of hallucinogens? Why or why not?

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