Managing Your Boss – Managing Oneself

Read both articles from Harvard Business Review and reflect on these from the two different perspective posted in this Module. 
After reading Managing Oneself by the Peter Drucker (called the Father of Modern Management), reflect on the questions asked in the article and write a one to two (1-2) page reflection on what you see in yourself and how that applies to your experience so far in the workplace.

Second, do the same with Managing Your Boss.  You have all had different kinds of bosses, and you will have many different kinds of supervisors in the future.  You can help your career by being learning how to work with different types of styles and personalities, and as always, employ the empathy and perspective that makes leaders.  Write a second one to two (1-2) page reflection on when you have seen some of the issues raised in your work experiences of the past and what you might want to do or think differently going forward.

Please use WORD only to do this assignment, ONE (DOCUMENT) for BOTH REFLECTIONS, proof your work, and be parsimonious (don’t be wordy) in your writing of these essays. Read over your work.  Do not let spell check to it all — grammar and spelling mistakes will result in a deduction.  Most of all be thoughtful.

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