Managing News: Good or Bad

Use Microsoft Word. Include a title page.  No other APA formatting requirements are necessary for this assignment. There is no requirement to apply and cite references but if you do use resources, you must use in-text citation to identify the use of the resource(s) and include the APA formatted reference information on a separate references page.  You may use single line spacing. I appreciate you using a 12 pt. size font and 1″ margins (my personal font style preference is Arial). You will submit one and only one Microsoft Word document into the Assignment submission area.

2. For this assignment, assume you are employed in a Vice-President (of whatever department you choose) management position for a Fortune 500 company (your choice of company).  You can have the same position and company you chose in Week 3’s Assignment or you can choose a new department and/or company.  You are an expert at applying strategies of business communicators in conveying negative news, applying the 3-x-3 writing process and avoiding legal liability.  Sadly, you have been tasked with communicating company layoffs.  As a reminder, this is the 3-x-3 Writing Process:

3.  In your paper, and before experiencing (writing) the 3-x-3 Writing Process, write a paragraph (at least three-four sentences each) addressing the following:

Identify the company, the problem, and the characteristics of your audience (employees to be laid off).
Consider the ethical and legal liability implications.
Consider strategies (e.g, direct vs. indirect, if you should you convey empathy, fairness, include an opening with a buffer, etc.) from Chapter 9 to assist in your completion of the 3-x-3 Writing Process.
4.  Complete the first phase of the 3-x-3 Writing Process, “Prewriting”. In your paper, address each part, “Analyze”, “Anticipate”, “Adapt”.

5. Complete the second phase of the 3-x-3 Writing Process, “Drafting”. In your paper, address each part, “Research”, “Organize”, “Draft”.

6. Complete the third and final phase of the 3-x-3 Writing Process, “Revising”. In your paper, complete each part, “Edit”, “Proofread”, “Evaluate”.

7. Once you have completed all of the above, write a paragraph reflecting on what you learned and how this knowledge can be helpful to you in the future.

8. Write a paragraph or two describing how and why your strategy and methods might be different if you had good news to announce to the employees.

9. Submit your completed Week 4 Assignment paper.

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