Managing Internal Operations


You have chosen an award winning company from the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program website to study. You will evaluate the Award Application Summary as a business case. You are the Chief Strategy Officer for your chosen company. You have conducted an evaluation of your chosen company for an upcoming annual report. Your presentation of a strategic framework to expand operations into the international marketplace has been tentatively approved. You have submitted a strategy implementation plan to the C-Level Executives for consideration. As a follow-up to your implementation plan, the C-Level Executives require a proposal outlining internal management operations and organizational culture guidelines for the expansion effort into your chosen international market. You will be able to use this research in a future professional deliverable:

Provide a brief overview of your chosen company.
If your chosen company were to expand into an international market, explain the importance of appropriate resource allocation to strategy execution to ensure the success of the company expansion (read pages 323-325 in the textbook).
Explain the importance of policies and procedures to the effective facilitation of strategy execution (read pages 325-327 in the textbook).
Use a minimum of three peer-reviewed, academic research resources (including your textbook) to substantiate your critical thinking, and to provide viable reasoning for your perspectives.
Apply proper APA style referencing format.
Use headings to segment the topics in your writing in order to create a flow of ideas for your reader.
Write in third person.

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