Litreture Review International Relations

attached are 3 articles that i want to do a litreture review on which is linked to my senior project paper.

My paper setup:

    Research Question
o    Does states economic interdependence and economic ties effects its foreign policys autonomy?
    Dependent Variable
o    States foreign policy autonomy
o    Economic interdependence of Iran and UAE since 1979.
    Independent variable
o    Foreign economic ties
o    Foreign trade agreements
o    Member of an international trade organizations
o    H1- An increase in foreign economic ties and foreign trade agreements is associated with a decrease in the states foreign policy autonomy.
o    H2- An increase in number of memberships in international trade organizations, leads to decrease in the states foreign policy autonomy.
    Data Collecting
o    Number Trade organization membership of both state (UAE and Iran)
o    Number of economic ties between the states and other states
o    Number of trade agreement that are still on paper.
    Data analysis
o    I will measure my dependent variable on how severe or harsh the states foreign policy. The more harsh the policy was towards other states will lead to an increase in the foreign policy autonomy in my testing.

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