klippel-Trenaunay syndrome in America.

The paper must include a SWOT analysis but may include other environmental assessments.  The SWOT analysis should include the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, as well as any recommendations.

  The paper should include the following:
    Current thinking
    Relationship to current/other organizations with which student is familiar
    References don’t count the references in the 11 pages
An Executive Summary should be done for the paper.  This should provide highlights of the paper and is used to entice the executive into reading the complete paper.  It is placed between the title page and the table of contents.

A SWOT Analysis should be included in the paper.  It can be incorporated into the body of the paper or as supplementary materials.

The introduction should include why this paper is being done; what is the point. The background provides a summary of the issue or case. Current thinking covers current literature relating to the topic. For the area of relationship to current or other organizations, explain how the subject compares or contrasts with those of another organization. This demonstrates the start of the benchmarking process.  The conclusion is what you found out by conducting this research and exercise.  There should be at least six references from journal articles, textbooks, or government publications (excluding textbooks from this course).  These can be from various sources, but should include internet or online library resources. 

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