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What changes in the guaranteed-jobs program might be made to fit your moral sensibilities about governmental responsibilities?

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Response 1
In the recent years there are more guaranteed jobs available for people from 16 and above. One of the examples of a guaranteed job is if you work as a uber driver or work for Postmates. In order to be an uber driver there is no interviews or resumes, they just need a valid form of documentation and proof that the driver is a responsible driver. Careers such as uber or Postmates guarantee employees jobs as long as they follow the rules and can remain responsible for their tasks. During the pandemic, many people lost their jobs, and they were forced to work for uber or Postmates in order to earn some cash. Even though guaranteed jobs such as uber guarantee a job for the person, there are some costs to it. of the costs is that the salary is set, and it depends on the company if they want to raise it, it is not associate it with the drivers performance. The company also get some percentage of the paycheck. One change that could fit my moral sensibilities is that government should start to provide health insurance for uber drivers. I researched about it and found out that uber does not offer health insurances and I think it is very important for uber drivers to be protected. Uber drivers use their own cars and if they were to get into an accident specially during their shift it is important for uber to cover the cost of fixing the car and also and any injuries that might have caused the driver. In conclusion, I like the fact that there are guaranteed jobs available however it would be better if government provided insurances such as health insurance for the employees.

Response 2:
As we know, guaranteed job is an economic policy proposal aimed of providing a sustainable solution to the duel problem of inflation and unemployment. Its goal is to create full employment and price stability by having the state promise to hire unemployed workers as an employer of last resort. It is for people who want decent work with guaranteed opportunities. Decent job means basic living wage with basic benefits. With all this explanation when we say guaranteed job it means that the job would provide the employee basic benefits such as minimum wage, insurance enrollment, basic retirement plans.
Federal guaranteed jobs contain infrastructure repair, ecological restoration, caregiving, and community development projects. The benefits that they offer are health insurance, paid sick leave/ vacation and retirement plans. Control for state and local government that will decide kinds of jobs to create depending on the society needs and requests.
Creating new guarantee job  really can help to reduce the unemployment rate, but paying minimum wage can discourage people to apply for the job, since people have to pay their portion of insurance, retirement plan and taxes, so the gross pay that they would get paid, would be very low. So, either they have to increase the minimum wage or they have to take care of the portion that the employee pays for the benefit. If a job guarantee is implemented, it will boost competition for workers, resulting in higher pay and employment in the private sector, as different employers bid up rates and recruit more individuals to compensate for highly productive individuals that are lost to other companies.

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