Is it better to work individually or in a team?

1.Analysis of the topic – Student developed the topic in full with an innovative approach. Topics are developed with outstanding depth. A strong analysis is developed. Summarizes and shows insightful synthesis of the literature information, gaps and limitations. All relevant theories to answer the questions are identified. Student shows a deep understanding of the applicable concepts (can critically analyze the them).

2.Conclusions reached – Analysis drives the conclusion and conclusion answers the problem in a consistent and thorough way.

3. Organization and structure of the paper – Throughout the paper, wording is clear and unambiguous. Sentence structure is consistently clear. There are no spelling or grammatical errors Organization of the paper as a whole is logical and quickly apparent. Connections among paragraphs are clearly articulated. Every paragraph makes one distinct and coherent point, expressed in a clear topic sentence; the parts of each paragraph connect logically and persuasively, and internal transitions are smooth.

4. Citing and referencing – Extensive and accurate use made of relevant sources

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