Is Freemasonry a religion?

Is Freemasonry a religion? is the topic that will be used for this:

Step 1: Research and initial post

Individually, each student is to seek out resources to familiarize themselves with the arguments on both sides of the debate:

Use the internet and Googlesearch for < is ________ a religion > (fill in the blank with the movement you are assigned – do not use the < >)
Identify and read(or view video/listen to audio) at least two sources:
one pro (yes, it is a religion)
one con (no, it is not a religion)
may review more than one for each position and/or a more middle of the road (it depends) argument
Consider the reliability, credibility and authority of the author of the sources you read/view (an argument that sounds strong may be weak if the person who is making it does not really know what they are talking about avoid uninformed bias and self-serving agendas. For instance, a Christian source might argue that Secular Humanism is a religion because they do not want it being taught in the public schools [religious worldviews cannot be taught in public schools])

Come to your own conclusion, based on the sources you read/view
Post to your group discussion board your conclusion (answer to the question) and a summary of both the pro and con arguments from the sources you read/viewed, noting which arguments most helped you arrive at your conclusion and why. Be sure to include URL links (copy and paste from your browser address line) to the sources you are referencing so your group mates can check them out for themselves and make clear which of the sources are “pro” and which are “con”.

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