Directions  ***You must include the name, email, and phone number of the coach. ***

Each student must conduct an interview with a coach. (Nope, not interviewing each other for this.) This coach can be from any sport and working at any level.  The interview should be done in person or online, but not through e-mail or via the phone (unless permission is obtained from the course instructor). You should take notes and record the interview if possible (ask the coachs permission prior to recording). I dont need the recordings.

There are 10 questions listed below which you should incorporate into your interview, but you should also add a few additional questions of your own. After the interview, you must write an 800-1100 word paper documenting your findings. (Word count does not include headers, only body of your paper.) Your paper should include an introduction that explains your association with the coach and include a demographic profile of the coach. The body of your paper should focus on the responses to the questions asked during the interview but should NOT be a verbatim transcription of each question and each answer. Use complete sentences, include some direct quotes, and add your thoughts or comments about the coachs responses as appropriate. Also, be sure to integrate information from the interview to concepts from class.

Your conclusion should sum up the interview and relate it to what we have learned in class about coaches and their use of psychological skills training. Did your findings confirm or refute information learned in class?  Were you surprised by anything the coach said? What do you think? Papers should be typed, double-spaced, and include page numbers.

Demographic Information: Who are they? Age, gender, number of years coaching, sport(s) that they coach, sport level (e.g., youth, high school, college), any other relevant background information.


Is coaching certification required for your sport?
In what ways do you describe your coaching style?
What types of motivational techniques do you use to get the most out of your players?
What are some techniques for building team cohesion?
How important is the psychological part of sports in regard to player and team performance?
What type of training in sports psychology have you had?  (For example, classes, workshops, mentor, on-the-job training, no training, etc.)?
Do you use any of the following types of psychological skills training?  Provide examples.
Stress reduction (arousal regulation)
Building self-confidence
How much time to you spend on psychological skills training?
When do you implement psychological skills training? (e.g., off-season and/or during season, before, during and/or after practices)
Do you feel that psychological skills learned through sports can carry over into other parts of your players lives?  If yes, in what ways?
Add your own questions. What else? Anything else you feel relevant.

Questions? Ask well in advance of the due date.
Turn in on time.
Include Coach’s Name, Title, & Email at top.
*Points off if I have to ask you for any information.
*Points off if you do not follow instructions.
0 if late

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