Internet research 80s paper

The 80s were about big projects and events (not to mention “big hair”). including:

1) Big changes in media: MTV and VH-1

2) Big Stars: Michael Jackson, Prince, Whitney Houston, Madonna (to name but a few)

3) Big Album Projects: Thriller, Sports, Like a Virgin, Graceland, etc.

4) Big Charity/Cause Events: USA for Africa, Band Aid, Live Aid, Sun City, etc.

5) Big Technology Changes: CD, DAT, etc.

Your assignment is to pick one item from each of the five categories above and do further research on the internet on each. Your research should include specific details on each such as the individual primarily responsible (director, producer, artist, inventor, etc.); participants (band members, research and development, organizations, non-musicians, etc.); purpose, concept, cause, etc.; success of each (album sales, funds raised, changes produced, improvements in sound reproduction, etc.); time table (dates of event, date of release, years in production, etc.).

After you have gathered these facts:

Write a one paragraph synopsis on each of the five including both the facts you have gathered and your interpretation of these facts (i.e., What do you think about the item as a whole? Was it a successful venture? Why or why not? Your opinion, not someone else’s.).
Also include anything you turned up in your research that is something you didn’t know before and is of special interest to you.
Finally, who is the one artist who was involved in almost every one of the five areas mentioned?

I expect you to get into this assignment and pursue all the leads you turn up. One site should lead to another as you investigate. Actually try to enjoy the process.

The most common errors on this assignment are not providing information for each of the five areas; writing in general about many items in one area rather than specifically about one as instructed;  not including the required factual information for each area such as people, dates, etc.;  and not including the sixth item requested regarding one individual involved in most or all.

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