international relations in the post cold war era

Hello i have an international relations in the post cold war era class assignment needs help.
The assignment (around 800 words) regards international relations theory using Kenneth Waltzs Structural Realism after the Cold War and Andrew Moravcsiks Taking Preferences Seriously: A Liberal Theory of International Politics. Maybe the evidence lies within the text or maybe you have to deliver further and do a little detective work on the particulars of the writers intellectual and professional biographies. Dont simply tell me that one is a Realist and the other a Liberal.
The professor specifically mentioned to pay attention at their personal lives or any events that might affect their point of view of Realism and Liberalism.
The idea doesnt need to be right just need to show him why you think of that and the related statement of proofs.
Please follow the instructions carefully and finish the work before due. Thank you.

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