In the attachment you ll find my Theory essay regarding Is Compromise an unconditional…

In the attachment you’ll find my Theory essay regarding ” Is Compromise an unconditional Virtue?” and an essay from the required book and also some articles and documents from the course documents.What I need is re-write for the Theory essay in the areas where it needs to be fixed or add new ideas or paragraphs.The feedback:”Rewrite and make meaningful reference of the text essay on this topic, which argues to the opposite conclusion. You can take it as a criticism of your position.Specifically, handle criticism that allowing for “civil non-compromise” would be a slippery slope leading to the breakdown of respectful group decision-m asking. Something we see happening right now before our eyes! If to preemptively deny the possibility of compromise, hen there will be no grounds for dialog. Any position a person holds has to be defended and scrutinized continually. This is part of what compromise is.”

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