Imagined Conversations

Choose two influential thinkers ( CARL JUNG and SIGMUND FREUD)that we have covered in class. Write a transcript of an imagined conversation between these two individuals (they may or may not have been alive at the same time). What are some questions they would ask each other? What are some things they might agree or disagree about? What would they each like to know about the others experiences? What has changed in psychology, what has remained the same? Have they faced similar or different challenges and why? What observations might each have made of the others career and their specific lines of research or practice? Your paper should communicate each individuals perspective and major ideas, and how they compare and contrast to one another. Make sure the conversation is bi-directional (that information flows both ways) and is historically/contextually accurate. Cite at least 2 sources total.
2 will be formatted more like a transcript than a traditional research paper (although you should still cite sources). The organizational structure will be more conversational, but should still have a flow.
    Include an introduction that introduces the date, setting, your two psychologists thinkers, and the setting. The main body should pose several questions, issues, or ideas. The conclusion should wrap everything up and close the scene.
Freud: I heard that you did an experiment on _________. I appreciate that you focused on ________ but disagree with how you interpreted ___________.
Skinner: My belief is that Psychology should focus on ______________. While I agree that _________, I firmly belief you are mistaken about ___________.

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