Illegal Immigrants Demanding Rights

This is our country our ancestors fought and died for it. We cannot just give away our sovereignty because groups of illegal immigrants demand their “rights.” Today, we face another revolution of sorts. Inside America, two factions stand against each other. Americans are losing jobs, prosperity, and even well-being to a group of people who demand their rights while they live and work here illegally. We must protect our borders from this invasion of illegal aliens. By allowing illegals to enter our country, we open ourselves up to terrorism and numerous social ills. A severe security risk, the question remains; Did we not learn anything from 9/11?

I believe some of the most pressing immigration issues are:

Hospitals: Many local hospitals and medical centers must treat illegal aliens, and the taxpayers have to pay the bills whether or not it comes from the federal budget or property taxes. Once they have a child born on this side of the border the parents become eligible for all types of welfare i.e., food stamps, state funded medical, HUD housing, WIC and many other benefits that we, as American taxpayers, all have to pay for.

Schools: Our school system is overcrowded; more schools are constantly being built at taxpayer cost. Many of the illegal immigrant adults do not want to learn our language but they expect us to pay for bilingual forms, translators and many other services for them. The list goes on and on. The majority of illegal aliens that come here are illiterate in their own language as well as ours. It is almost impossible to assimilate them into our culture.

Welfare system: Illegal aliens are the single largest drain on many systems throughout the country. They are very adept at maneuvering through our system to collect every benefit they possibly can get. We give them more help and assistance than we give to our own people or people who have come here legally. Our churches give food and clothing to…

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