Choose one of the articles below and address the essay prompt associated with it. You will need to log in to the WCU library to access the full article.
Park M. (2009). Ethical issues in nursing practice. Journal of Nursing Law 13(3) 68-77.doi:10.1891/1073-7472.13.3.68 Link:Ethical issues in nursing practice
Essay Prompt: Identify primary areas for legal and ethical issues faced by oncology nurses in this study (Park 2009) and strategies they may have developed to work with those ethical issues.
OrCroke E. (2006). Nursing malpractice: determining liability elements for negligent acts. Journal of Legal Nurse Consulting 17(3) 3.
Link:Nursing malpractice: determining liability elements for negligent acts
Essay Prompt: Identify primary problems that led to the malpractice suits (Croke 2006) and identify the role the nurseplayed and whatthenursedid wrong.
The writer clearly and effectively responds to the assignment.
There is one clear well-focused topic. Main ideas are clear and are well supported by detailed and accurate information.
The introduction is inviting states the main topic and provides an overview of the paper. Information is relevant and presented in a logical order. The conclusion is strong.
The assignment consistently follows current APA format and is free from errors in formatting citation and references. No grammatical spelling or punctuation errors. All sources are cited and referenced correctly.
2 Pages each assignemnt. I need three assignments

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