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Create a 3 column BROCHURE on letter paper landscape orientation and double-sided.

This assignment provides experience in preparing a document involving technical definitions, descriptions, and specifications for a specific audience and experience delivering the contents of the report in a reportorial speech. 

Background Technical Descriptions & Specifications
A technical description provides concrete details, precise words, and visuals to show readers what an object, mechanism, or product looks like, how it is put together, and/or how it works. Some technical descriptions detail processes instead of objects.  Many professionals rely on technical descriptions to learn and perform their workplace tasks making products, using products, fixing products, selling products, and simply understanding products.  Some attributes of technical descriptions include:
    Technical descriptions answer questions such as these:  What is it?  What does it look like?  What does it do?  What is it made of?  How does it work?  How has it been put together?
    Technical descriptions are often parts or sections of other documents.
    Technical descriptions usually rely heavily on visuals graphs, charts, tables, or illustrations and use words or short phrases to describe parts of the product or process.
    Technical descriptions help audiences solve problems.
    The introduction to a technical description attempts to do one or more of the following:
    Identify the object, product, mechanism, or process to be described
    Discuss what background information the audience needs to know
    Give a general and brief description of the object, product, mechanism, or process
    Provide an overview of the rest of the technical description
    Writers provide detailed background sections when the subject is not entirely familiar to audiences or they might need contextual information to fully understand the description.
    Parts are the physical, tangible portions of the thing itself; characteristics are the describable qualities that are not parts.
    Writers of technical descriptions provide descriptive detail that appeals to readers five senses.
    Technical descriptions use a division organizational pattern, as well as others that suit the subject matter and audience needs, including general to specific, spatial, and chronological.
    Writing technical descriptions entails a set of ethical obligations and responsibilities.

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