how to video games affect adult relationships

Goal of the Homework Exercise: Use critical thinking skills to not only define concepts, but
also demonstrate how to measure the concepts in your proposed research study.


1. Next, write your proposed research question at the top of the page. Your research
question does not have to be perfected yet, but the style in which the question is written
should be much more specific than simply stating a broad research topic. You can use the
question you proposed in previous homework assignments, incorporating any feedback
that has been provided in modifying your research question.
2. After stating your research question, complete the remaining section of the homework by
using the conceptualization to measurement model in Chapter 4 lecture. Be as specific as
possible here in defining your concepts. Search the body of existing literature for research
studies that relate to your topic for ideas on how to identify and define concepts then be
sure to cite the literature from which you obtained the definitions.

Following the model outlined in Chapter 4 lecture, complete the process of conceptualization to
measurement for at least four key concepts in your study. (For instance, for the concept
adolescent, one has to define what that means for the proposed research study, including who
fits into that definition [age and/or year in school perhaps]). Then think about how you would
specifically measure that concept by developing both a closed-ended AND an open-ended
question***You must include a minimum of four concepts to complete the homework exersize

the book is ” the art and science of social research” by deborah carr

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