How did this challenge relate to my tertiary topic?

*****my paper is about global warming in Pakistan, the effect on human, economy****

Directions: Review your sources and identify between four and six challenges of your topic during the next two to four years. Arrange your trends by any the following topics:

Business trends
Finance trends
Political trends
Social trends
Resources trends
Time trends
Management trends
Sales trends
Geographical trends
Impact trends
Others (explain)

Learning Objectives
will create a summary of the challenges related to their topic over the course of the next few years.
will evaluate information and sources to identify relevant challenges..
will analyze the information in various resources to determine how it applies to each challenge.
will apply knowledge from reading various resources in order to develop specific challenges related to the topic.
will understand the key challenges related to their topic.
will remember the information they research in order to include it in their challenges.

i need either 4 to 6 challenges among the 10 topics
Writing instruction
i dont need first person, second person
only write in third person
time new roman, 12 size, double side, and no plagiarized

I will attach two attachment one is resources and the interested topic
my paper is about global warming in Pakistan, the effect on human, economy

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