Homework question

Question 1:

In Marketing Myopia, a classic article published in the Harvard Business review in 1960, Theodore Levitt described aspects of marketing practice that Robert Palmatier and Shrihari Sridhar have also described in their book Marketing Strategy. How does the earlier work relate to the Four Principles?  In other words, where does marketing myopia exist within the four principles and why?

question 2:

Think about Royal Farms and Wawa before starting your answer to this question.

What is a Sustainable Competitive Strategy? What are the three forms of SCA and how are they different?  If I were to represent a convenience chain like Royal Farms with plans to enter the Mid-Atlantic Market where Wawa has long been dominant, how might I challenge Wawas well-established SCA? (Palmatier and Sirdhar. Chapters 4-7)

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