homework 93

Where is your problem section? What is the problem and who is it a problem for (a company; the government?)? This can come after the Introduction and before your Objective.
For your Literature Review please discuss what your sources say and report and why it matters. You review the literature; the literature consists of your sources.
Please add one more source (it can be a non-scholarly source).
What solutions do you recommend? Please create a solutions section.
Why will your solutions work?
How can you apply these solutions?
For your conclusion elaborate on why this matters; how should the reader move forward with this information; and call the reader to act based on your solutions to this problem.
Please reduce the line-space between paragraphs to one line space.
Please remove the line-space between your headings and your paragraphs (unless you have a subheading in-between).
Why are your technique’s (Inductive and Multiple Case Analyses) good for this proposal? How do they help and support your proposal?

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