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i want a 3responsescould be a discussion of how your initial thoughts have changed after reading the suggested literature concerning this topicora discussion of how the literature you read reinforced your initial ideas. A response could also be made in a threaded discussion stating whether you agree or disagree with anothers statementand why.
these are the 3 paragraph
first:Light pollution can be defined as hazardous effects associated with the artificial lighting. Light pollution can be quantified in one of two broad ways. First it can be determined by measuring the emission of light. Second it can be determined by measuring the negative impact that the light has.
second:Light pollution can has a detrimental consequences on the health. Exposure to too much light for example can cause skin cancer. In addition exposure to too much light is bound to affect the sight. As a result scientist and policy makers have been trying to come up with standards of defining and regulating light pollution.
last one:The regulations imposed on light pollution attempts to address different aspects of light such as intensity wavelength duration of exposure frequency of exposure and timing. All these elements of light are important when defining whether there is light pollution of not. If organisms for example are exposed to high wavelengths of light their cells and DNA are likely to be destroyed. On the other hand if an organism is exposed to the light of high intensity for a long time they are more likely to experience negative consequences. One safety measures recommended is adoption of good lighting practice. The practice entails lighting where needed when needed and at a level that is needed.

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