Hello Lorraine Armstrong and transtutors management I need 2 new Learning Demonstrations just…

Hello Lorraine Armstrong and transtutors’ management,I need 2 new Learning Demonstrations just like what we did in assignment# TTs110315_142705_7I want the same expert since we worked together for the same course, and most of the files and instructions are already uploaded on assignment# TTs110315_142705_7.”Learning Demonstrations (10 points each): During the semester, each student must submit four (4) demonstrations of learning on a topic reflected in the syllabus. Students may choose the topics on which to focus their learning demonstration, though each learning demonstration must focus on a different topic. Students may choose the form in which the learning will be demonstrated. No more than one (1) learning demonstration may be submitted in a single week.Please read this:I just need one or two pages. But I need 2Learning Demonstrations. It doesn’t need to be professional but it has to be perfect.If you need me to attach to you the course slides to get an idea I can do this!The course is Politicalscience (American and Wyoming Government)”I attached the new materials we covered on class. Please, go back and look at the files on Assignment TTs110315_142705_7 when needed.

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