Health Information Management Profession

Week 8: Term Paper – HIM management
For your final assignment you will write an 8 to 10 page (excluding title page and reference
page) research paper focused on the nature of the health information management (HIM)
profession, future trends related to policy, classification systems, and emerging technology, and
the potential impact of these trends on HIM professionals and organizations.
Your research paper should address the following:
I. Health Information Management (HIM) Profession
Growth of the profession
Potential growth of the field
Professional organizations
II. Future Trends and Implications
o Legislative changes
o Changes in the classification system
o Emerging health information technology
o Legal and ethical considerations
o Impact of technology on organizations and stakeholders (e.g. patients,
physicians, providers, payors)
HIMA 501 Syllabus
Version V
December 4, 2017
Your research paper should be supported by readings from throughout the quarter, and also a
minimum of 10 primary, academic sources. This paper should be in proper APA format, which
includes a title page, reference page, and APA-formatted references

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