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This paper will focus on a policy proposal from its emergence as a policy problem to consideration for adoption-meaning that the eligible topics must have gone through the agenda setting, design, analysis, and decision-making steps of the policy process. Research the policy context, implementation, effectiveness, and evaluate it using the criteria laid out below. Analyze the policy, and then draw conclusions and make recommendations about the policys future and effectiveness. The policy analysis reports must be organized into the following sections:

The introduction section should provide a concise overview of: Identifying a policy issue that impacts or interests you. This policy issue can be at the local, or state level. Identify the major policy concepts, why the issue is important to the social, economic, humanitarian, and/or national security interests of the American public.
Background Information This section should answer the following questions: What is the problem that threatens the public? What important facts or historical developments should the reader know about policy issue? Such background information should not be political, but rather focus on key cultural, social, demographic, economic, and international factors that together suggest that this public issue should be addressed by policymakers. Moving into the political realm, has the government addressed your issues in law (Is there policy in place currently)?
III. Review the development and implementation of the policy (trace it through the stages of the policy process model). If possible, evaluate the effectiveness of the policy and its ability to meet stated goals. What previous policy reform efforts should the reader be aware of?

Mapping the Policy Debate This section is a comparative introduction to the different policy positions on your topic and how different institutions align. It should complete the following tasks and questions: Introduce the main policy camps on each side of the debate, what is the basic policy narrative for each policy camp? What are the specific policy goals for each policy camp? Who suffers most if the policy position of the opposing side(s) wins and why? Provide a stakeholder map comparing perspectives on values and state-society relations
Conclusion/Policy Recommendation The policy recommendation section should answer the following questions: What policy or policies do you recommend the government adopt? Provide an analysis with recommendations for improving or modifying the policy. How does your position compare to the competing policy camps you evaluated in the policy mapping section? Does your position neatly align with one of the policy camps? What is your reasoning for selecting your position instead of the other alternatives? Why are your recommendations better positioned to achieve the policy goals you initially laid out in the reports introduction?
References: list the references you used for sections I, II, III and IV. A minimum of five references must be cited in the paper, with at least two references from peer-reviewed journals. Examples of peer-reviewed journals in public administration include Public Administration Review; Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory; Administration and Society; American Review of Public Administration, and Public Performance and Management Review.
The format of the paper must follow APA style. All references used in writing your paper should be properly quoted and cited using APA (American Psychological Association) guidelines.

Double-spaced, using Times New Roman 12-point font. Paper should be double-spaced with 1-inch margins.

Required sections: Does the paper have each required section with the appropriate subheading?
Readability: Is the paper readable? (This includes grammar, spelling, punctuation, and narrative flow.)
APA style: Does the paper follow APA style, with references appropriately cited? Are the appropriate sources used?
Originality: Is the students analysis original?

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