Global Sales Pitch—Persuasive Speech

Directions: You have been placed into a  small group. Together, browse Google and/or YouTube and find a product or service from any country outside of the United States.

With your group, you will put together a Sales Pitch to try and sell your classroom audience this product or service. How can you make it appeal to American audience?

    The presentations should last roughly 6 minutes.
    Each person should a speaking part from within the 5-step sequence.
    As with all presentations, I will ask you to dress up a little bit–nice top and pants or dress/skirt are suitable options. Nothing extremely fancy, but definitely nicer than a regular class day.
    Use either one or a combination of Aristotle’s Proofs Ethos, Pathos, Logos and Kairos to sell your product/service
    Since we are an online class—Voice-Overs are fine as well.

    Ethos= Credibility
    Logos = Logical Reasoning/statistical information
    Pathos = Emotional Appeal
    Kairos = Time Element (at the right moment)

Here is a sample slideshow to look at as an example:

Most slides have minimal text on them, as the ethos, pathos, logos and kairos will be performed verbally by the group members during the sales pitch.

Monroe’s 5 Step Motivated Sequence to sell the product or service:

Monroe’s Motivated Sequence

Attention: Hook the audience

Need: Make the audience  see that they have a need for this product or service, and that their life is incomplete without it.

Satisfaction: Let the audience know that all hope is not lost! That if they they act now, they can enjoy the benefits of this product or service that you are trying to pitch them.

Visualization: Give the audience a scenario to envision how pleasant life can be with this product, or how unpleasant it would be without it. You can do this either verbally, visually (using visuals) or both.

Action (Call to): Tell the audience what they should do to obtain this product or service. [Call 800-588-2300 EMPIRE  Today]


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