Genie the feral child

Informative paper: For this kind of paper, you will not make an argument or take a stance. You will simply use the sources from your Annotated Bibliography to inform an educated audience about your topic. Because informative paper topics can be very broad, you will need a strategy for narrowing things down for a 5-7 page essay.
Use a minimum of 5 sources.  One source must be a peer reviewed journal article . One source may come from Practical Argument, but you must have at least 4 outside sources.  Note: Do not include your annotations on the Works Cited page for your essay.

Continue to show improvement in any pattern of grammatical error that you may have had in earlier essays

Use MLA Essay format (see the MLA Format Help Module): Double-space your essay; use 12 point, Times New Roman Font; etc.

Write for your narrow audience as best you can

Genie The Feral Child Genie was a child who, when she was born, was diagnosed with a potential case of mild retardation and was told she would learn at a slower rate than other children. Instead of doing what he could to help her, Genie’s father gave up all hope and did not build any relationship with her. At the age of 14 to 20 months old, he began to mentally and physically abuse her in various ways, from confining her to rooms in the house to barking and growling at her instead of speaking; This continued to 13 years old. This topic interests me because I have always enjoyed psychology. After all, it intrigues me what the average human can and how the mind can be twisted into something nearly unrecognizable, but this is more of a hobby for me than a profession.

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