game cinematic script

write your Game Cinematic Script. Your script should only be about 3 pages (not including your title page, which you should set up) and should show the opening of your game (after Start is pressed). you are expected to write it in spec format; however, this is considered animation, so you are allowed to have longer paragraphs of Action with more descriptions of the setting, characters, and props your characters interact with. Keep dialogue short (no speeches), and if you use a voiceover, it had better be amazing. Your script should end and roll right into game play mode.Use your textbook as a formatting must be written based on this script which is Everest..Watch: Credits – Bad Writing – Why Most Games Tell Bad StoriesThis video discusses video game writing and the importance of narrative.Watch: Credits: Word ChoiceThis video discusses effectively handling characterization and exposition in games.Watch: Off Right – How the First Five Minutes Draw Players In – Extra CreditsThis video talks about the crucial “first five minutes” of a game, which is directly related to your cinematic script assignment.

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