Future of HRM & Industrial Relations

The CEO has asked you and Jane to create a chart that he might use as part of his decision process in deciding what countries in which to locate overseas factories. He also wants an accompanying recommendation summary from an HR perspective.

Prepare a 6-column, 5-row chart for the following countries and parameters:
Columns (countries) are:
Rows (factors to research) for each country are:
Average manufacturing wage
Country’s minimum wage
Typical restrictive work rules where there are unions
How unions enhance or detract from company results
Country’s unemployment rate
It is unlikely that you will find all of the necessary data in one online database. Instead, you will have to research a number of different ones.
In addition, in some cases you may have to make calculations from a “base=100” report to get an actual dollar figure.
Ensure that you cite the references used, in proper APA format.
Wikipedia is an unacceptable reference

For minimum wages, try one of the following sites:
Minimum wages https://wageindicator.org/salary/minimum-wage

List of minimum wages by country  http://www.absoluteastronomy.com/topics/List_of_minimum_wages_by_country

For unemployment percentages try the following site: https://www.nationmaster.com/country-info/stats/Labor/Unemployment-rate
Unemployment rate (most recent) by country (be sure to note the year of the data)

Your recommendation summary should explain which country you recommend for the future overseas expansion, based solely on the data in your chart.


Absolute Astronomy. (2019). List of minimum wages by country. Retrieved from http://www.absoluteastronomy.com/topics/List_of_minimum_wages_by_country

Graham, I. (n.d.). Unemployment rate: Countries compared. Retrieved from https://www.nationmaster.com/country-info/stats/Labor/Unemployment-rate

WageIndicator.org. (2019). Minimum wages. Retrieved from https://wageindicator.org/salary/minimum-wage

Assignment Objectives
Assess the future role HRM must strategically play in the field of industrial labor relations as this pertains to employee relations and retention, nationally and internationally

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