Funeral Law and Ethics

I have attached the instructions along with the case URL.
The purpose of the case study assignment is to research a court case in which a funeral director has been found liable for a wrongdoing.  There are literally thousands of documented cases that can be found online.  Once you have researched  a case, you will type a summary and critical analysis of the case, and submit it via the SafeAssign link. 
The Assignment
You must write a summary and critical analysis for your researched case study. The assignment should be typed and words should be spelled correctly.  Upon compIetion, I must receive it via the SafeAssign link (simply click on the title “Writing Assignment:  Case Study #1” to submit the assignment), by the end of this module. I will not accept this assignment if it is emailed to me!
Grading Criteria
The summary should be no less than one page in length.  A title page is not necessary, but you should cite your references on a separate page.  Your name, course and section number, and assignment title should be listed on the title page.  Your paper should be double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman or Arial font, and one inch margins.  Make certain to cite your references.  This assignment is worth 3.33% of your final grade.  A grading rubric is attached. 

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