Q10-1: Compare fixed variable and mixed costs.Q10-2: What do we mean by a Relevant Range?Q10-3: A professional services business has fixed costs of 150000 and variable costs of 15 per hour. How much does average cost change between 12000 or 15000 units?Q10-4: Use the following information to determine the breakeven in units breakeven in the number of units to get close to the Target Profit and the amount of estimated from the unit sensitivity analysis:
Q10-5: Looking at Q10-4above if expected sales are 50000 units what is the margin of safety?Q10-6: BCD Inc sells its products for $12 each. The companys volume has remained unchanged for some time at 10000 units per month although it has spare capacity. Production costs are $10 per unit including fixed costs which average $3 per unit for the production volume. A customer has requested a special order of 2000 of BCDs products at a special price of $9. What should BCD do? Please show your work.Q11-1: Define standard cost.Q11-2: Compare job costing with process costing.Q11-3: Little Known Tax Ltd prepares tax returns for clients. The firm employs six bookkeepers who cost the firm 10000 in total each week. Each bookkeeper is expected to charge 30 hours per week to client jobs. At the end of the week the total hours charged by the six bookkeepers to client jobs is 150. How much is spare capacity?Q11-4: Last Group has a rental cost of 25000 per month with a four-year lease term. Casual staff are employed on a weekly basis to carry out telephone sales. The cost of casual staff is 12000 per month and telephone call costs are 5000 per month. An offshore call centre has offered to carry out the telephone sales activity from its own premises and using its own staff and telephone services for a fixed payment of 15000 per month. Should Last Group accept or reject the outsourcing proposal from the call centre? Please show all calculations.Q12-1: An accounting consultant is paid a salary of 80000 per annum and his employer pays up to of 18% of base salary for medical life and dental insurance. His employer also contributes toward a retirement plan at a maximum of 8% of base salary. Assuming the consultants works 250 days per year and is productive for 81% of that time what is his daily cost rate?Q12-2: Upper Central Consultancy (UCC) wishes to bid for a market research project. The cost estimates on which UCC will base its bid are shown below:
Q12-3: Using the information from Q12-2 above what are the relevant costs of the market research project?

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