For Dr Rocal – part II

Dr Rocal I am not sure what your schedule is but I have 2 more assignments. The assignment you did was part I. These are part II and III. I was going to attach so you could review it but it won’t allow it.
I will set up a homework and add just your name so you can send handshake if you want. Deadline will be as soon as you can… but latest would be Tuesday 2/28 at 12pm/PST
Part II details:
OL 328 Milestone Two Rubric This milestone will explore the practices of Challenge the Process and Enable Others to Act which you learned about in Modules Four and Five. Factoring in the feedback from Milestone One and using your leadership development action plan address the following: Analyze how you will use the Challenge the Process and Enable Others to Act practices to improve the three leadership areas that you selected in Module One. Select one leadership theory or approach you reviewed in Modules Four and Five and analyze how it will help you with the leadership areas you selected. Guidelines for Submission: Submit a paper that is one to two pages in length (in addition to the cover page and references). The document should use 12-point Times New Roman font double spacing and one-inch margins. Citations should be formatted according to APA style.

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