You are to assume the position of fire prevention officer. You are responsible for enforcement of fire and life safety codes within your jurisdiction- relate to your organizations Safety and Health Division. As fire prevention officer compiling data that will be used for risk reduction within the community.
As Fire Prevention Officer during the most recent quarterly inspection of all organizational buildings five code violations were identified: one relating to electrical issues two relating to structural issues and two relating to ventilation issues.
Electrical: It was found that the incoming supply service is badly worn and in need of immediate repair or replacement. All machinery that is connected are located on the organizations side of the incoming power supply and is not the responsibility of the local power supplier.
Structural: It was found that three of the nine concrete support columns in the basement of the main operations floor show signs of fatigue and spalling of concrete is wide-spread. The second issue found were visual cracks and oxidation on several of the steel trusses supporting the roof.
Ventilation: It was found that exhaust from machinery is collecting in the upper level area of the general working area which has caused several personnel to experience symptoms similar to carbon monoxide inhalation. The second issue is the central heating and air conditioning unit which was found to have broken seals worn electric wires and clogged filters.
You are tasked with the job of seeking repairs and/or replacements associated to each of the three components given above.
The final paper will be presented to the board of your organization with the authority to provide funding for repairs and/or replacement of components found during your inspection.
Your paper should be composed to support the need for funding to correct these violations.
Your paper should be a minimum of three pages but no more than five (not including the cover page or reference page) and include the following:
A minimum of one page should be devoted to your mission statement.

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