You managed to schedule an informal conference with the area director at the regional OSHA office four days after you receive the Notice of Citations and Penalty. Based on the citations and penalties you received in Unit III prepare a document that lists the citations and penalties you wish to discuss with the area director. You should summarize what you are trying to accomplish in regard to each citation/penalty you choose to include: the information you will use to try and accomplish your goal the information you will take with you to the meeting and who will accompany you to the meeting. You must support your actions with reliable sources. Your grade will be based on your ability to present a case to your professor (serving as the area director) to reduce either the severity of some citations or the amount of some penalties. If you simply state that you accept the citations and penalties as written you will receive a minimal score on the assignment. Your response must be a minimum of two pages in length not including the title page and reference page. You must use at least one reference in the paper. All sources must be cited in the text and on the reference page using APA style

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